Chinese New Year at FS

12th February 2018

Festive season of Chinese New Year at Forest School
During February half term play scheme, the group got to learn about Chinese New Year and experience a fraction of the Chinese culture through a variety of activities on offer at Forest School.
The group had an opportunity to explore Chinese symbols and their meanings through a variety of mark making tasks. Inventing their own ink using mud, or foraging berries to crush or finding charcoal and mixing it with water. The mark making materials used were paint brushes and sticks. 
Listening to the Chinese Zodiac Ranking Race story around basecamp and snack time. Learning about the characteristics of some of the animals which most interested the group; Tiger, Dragon and the Rat. 
As part of their tool work activities, children had the opportunity to make their own wind chimes using bamboo, sticks and string. First the children had to pick a strong stick that will hang their bamboo on. Next step, was sawing their pieces of bamboo using a bow saw. Lastly, the children began to learn their clove hitch knot to secure the bamboo to the stick. 
To finish the end of the week, the group got to have a day a vegetable stir fry followed by chocolate cake stuffed in oranges. Vegetables were washed and cut by the children as well as tasted! Such as; ginger, garlic, carrots, baby sweet corn, broccoli and sweet peppers.
Some children whittled their own chop sticks using Hazel wood taken from the forest which they used to eat their vegetable stir fry. 
Don't forget, we could not miss out on pancake day.