Holiday Play Schemes

New Hackney Forest School booking email -
Bookings only to be made via this email ONLY - please read the booking procedure below
We offer Forest School Holiday Play Schemes for children aged 4.5-11 year old during half terms, Easter and Summer School term holidays. Check dates below.
During winter season a hot lunch will be provided 4 days in the week.
Spring/summer seasons, parents need to provide a packed lunch.
Healthy snacks and drinks will be included AM/PM. 
Children will experience a wonderful campfire during the week, preferably Fridays unless we have a trip! 

This is a great opportunity for your children to connect and engage with nature through a variety of outdoor learning experiences including tree climbing, den building, mini-beast hunting, wood-crafts with tools, fire-making, cooking and many more.
Get your children to experience and embrace the outdoors and natural world.
We aim to attend a trip once a week, every Friday through-out the play schemes; Tottenham marshes, Hampstead Heath, Highgate woods, Queens Wood, museums and coastal school on the beach! 
Trips will be advertised on the activity timetable plan if a trip has been organised. 

Research shows that working together outdoors in a natural environment is beneficial to a sense of well-being, promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, and encourages the promotion of good communication and social skills.
Holiday Play Scheme Information for Parents/Carers 
Age range
> 5 - 11 years old
> 4.5 year old cap (2 spaces available) 
***proof may be requested
one to one support staff not available
Full day: 9 am - 5 pm 
Half day: 9 am to 12:30 pm / 1:30 pm to 5 pm 
*** Half days only possible nearer to closing dates
Full day week £180 
Full day daily rate £45
Half Day full week £100
Half day daily rate £22.50
***20 % discount with second siblings only (this does not apply to third sibling)
 Activities and trips will now be advertised once booking opens.
Trip Information
Please note that a full daily rate will be applied on the day of the trip additional to trip cost.
Not all trips will have a cost. 
Children are not allowed to attend trips for that day only unless they have attended HFS before. 
Coastal School Sessions will occur through out the year during the Play Scheme.
Our main Coastal site will be Minis Bay. 
Booking Information 
Bookings open 4 weeks prior to the play scheme and closes a day before (look out for opening/closing dates) 
Minimum amount of days to book is 2 days - this is if your child has never been to HFS sessions before. 
Options for booking
  • email ONLY -
  • Bookings inquiries to start from 8am onward
  • Dates for half term booking can be found below 
Once you have inquired about the play scheme and wish to continue with booking; parents/carers will need to complete registration forms (if the child is new to the service).
This can be done electronically or at the centre. 
Regular children will only need to read through and sign invoice, unless information has changed. 
Payment Options
  • Card (this has to be done at Clapton Park CC reception desk) 
  • vouchers (only if you book 2 weeks in advance of the Play scheme) 
  • Bank Transaction is now available. Please request this options when booking
Payments must be done within 5 days of registering to secure your child's space. 
Please ensure that you have read the Forest School Handbook and understand the FS garment guidelines (see below).
Thank You