Winter Coastal Trip

15th December 2017

A wintery Day at Minnis Bay (December 2017) 
Yes, we braved the blustering windy coast of Minnis Bay. 
The Forest School Drop-In session traveled to Kent to experience a coastal session. 
The group spent time on the grasslands as the tide made it's way out for the afternoon. 
The children had fun jumping up and down under the tarp as the wind blew strong as well as trying out wind parachuting - on the ground!
The families got to make kites and then settled down for some warmth around a small fire with a toasted marshmallow. 
After lunchtime, the group explored on the beach as the tide went out. Rock pooling for any crustaceans or sea life. We found sponges, whelk eggs, sea shells and crabs. 
It was a very cold, windy day and was quite tough for some.
Well Done to those that attended.