Weekly Challenges 1 - 3

Weekly Challenge #1


I really excited to have a chance to stay in contact with you all until we all meet again.

I have a small challenge for you.  

So i found a ball of yellow things on my wall. At first was not sure what they were until i got closer because they are as small as half a grain of rice! 

They are spiderlings. 

Weekly Challenge #1

  1.      First look at the image I have attached 
  2.      Can you guess what spiders they are? (give you a clue, search on google using what you can already see such as the colour of them or patterns on the body). 
  3.      Guess how many spider lings you think there are?
  4.      If you can find the same one near your home or garden - take a picture and share or a different spider you find even if it is inside your home!
  5.      If you like, have a go at doing some arts and crafts (drawing, junk modelling materials) to recreate this spider or your own favourite spider or one you don’t like

Weekly Challenge #2


I thought that this week you can do several things all about ants. 

1. You can go and hunt for ants (should not be hard to find because that are everywhere)

2. Follow an ant for as long as you can and watch what they do and where they go...they may lead you to the Queen ant's home!

3. Find an ant hill 

4. Make your very own cool ants farm out of recycled materials. Watch the link to help you...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHCGRt_MRwY

5. Make sugar water for the ants or leave fruit out to watch how quickly the ants work

Weekly Challenge #3

This challenge is all about experimenting with growing.

Whether you have a garden or not, you can do some growing.
You could grow food seeds to eat or cook with or you can experiment further with dry beans such as red kidney beans or butter beans or any dry beans.

If you want to be adventurous you can have a go at growing a avocado tree or seeing how far it will grow.

1. you will need a glass or jam jar
2. water filled in the glass
3. avocado seed
4. poke some tooth picks or something sharp so that it stays above the water
5. place the seed on the top
6. just wait....remember this growing challenge may take some time!

Don't forget that we would love to see some pictures of your experiments.

Have fun!