Berger School

Berger Primary School
At Berger we do forest school sessions on a weekly basis for all reception children. We take 10 children out for a 6 week block so over the year all children get to take part. We leave as soon as we are dressed in our waterproofs and do the 30 minute walk to Clapton park. We pick up out kit and head to our base camp. After a good 2 hour session we enjoy our hot chocolate and biscuit before we pack up and head back to school.
What do we do?
We get all dressed up and ready to go in our waterproof outfits and make our way to Friends wood in Hackney Marshes. We find our “base camp” and remind ourselves of the the Forest school rules: ❖ NO PICK, NO LICK
❖ When exploring you always need to see an adult and adult to see you
❖ When you hear 1,2,3 basecamp, everyone returns to base camp
❖ If you see a dog without a lead, stand still and do X FACTOR
❖ HAVE FUN!!!!
We get to try new activities but basically we get to choose what we want to do.
Some activities we cover:
❖ Collecting treasure in treasure baskets
❖ Making mud
❖ Mud painting and sculptures
❖ Collecting leaves, sorting
❖ Leaf snap
❖ Sticky crowns
❖ Making art from natural materials
❖ Tree climbing
❖ Clay creatures
❖ Making fairy houses
❖ Making habitats for woodland creatures
❖ Hunting for mini beasts
❖ Making brooms and stick men
❖ Whittling with peelers and knives
❖ Den making
❖ Classifying flora and fauna
❖ Stories as a focus include: Mud, Room on a broom, The Gruffalo, Stanley’s stick, Stick man, Into the forest, The king of tiny things, The foggy, foggy forest, Where’s my teddy?, The Gruffalo’s child.