#11 Dance and Movement

Dance and Movement 


Dance and movement is an important part in developing children’s means of expressions, communication and learning about the world. It gives children a sense of their culture and to learn about others. One of the main benefits of dance and movement is building children’s confidence and self-esteem, giving children even adults the platform to express their feelings through the body. Children and babies do it every day as they explore different ways of moving. 

Physically children are building control, coordination, awareness of space and not to mention the health and wellbeing benefits. Creative development such as exploring different sounds and how they can be changed. 

There have been many studies on the positive impact music has on baby brains cognitive development. Below is further information on benefits exploring dance and movement in early years. 






Weekly Challenge #11 - Dance and Movement 


Can you explore and jiggle to music or different genres of music this week?


Dance and movement can be done anywhere, whether it is at home or outdoors. There are many different genres of music to listen to that helps children to recognise the different types of instruments that are used, rhythm and dynamics of the beats. Don’t forget to explore instrumental music. 



Exploring dance and movement with babies can be done in a variety of ways. For example; 

  •          Playing music and listening 
  •          Playing music and allowing your baby to explore movement themselves (good for adults to copy what your baby is doing) 
  •          See if they can copy simple movements that you do such as clap or wiggle or shake your head 
  •          Music is also great for babies to explore facial expressions 
  •          Explore their vocals to the music 


2 - 5 year olds

Exploring movement with older children, you can get more creative with ideas.  

You can also explore themes to support children’s exploration of movement. For example, warm ups. 


Busy Beans Warm Up (found in The Little Book of Dance)


Chilli bean - shiver/shake as if you are very cold 

Runner beans - run quickly on the spot 

Jumping beans - bounce up and down or on the move

Baked beans - melt to the floor as if you are melting 

Broad beans - make a wide shape


Using fabrics is also a great way for children to explore movement between their body and the object they have. The use of simple cut out coloured material. Play music and move around a space with the material twirling above your head or in circles in front of you or side to side with nice big sways. 


Tips when exploring dance and movement with your child

  •          Move and dance with them
  •          Try not to talk at all 
  •          Try not to stare or look all the time this can make them stop or feel pressured
  •          Praise sometimes but not too much this can make them stop i.e. “I like the jump you did” and copy. 
  •          Introduce a movement while dancing - see if they notice or copy 
  •          Don’t feel silly to dance just allow your body to move how it wants - boost your child's confidence 


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