#8 Science, + behaviour and wellbeing resources

Dear parents and carers,

We are looking forward to our online calls with every room over the next few weeks, we hope you can join us (you should receive a separate email invite for this)

As well as our weekly challenge below, in response to requests from parents, we have put together some of our resources and tips around wellbeing, and managing children’s behaviour (see attached). We hope you find it useful. We will continue to make calls to check-in on how everyone is doing, but remember you can always email or call us (on the Ann Tayler number, 02072756020)  if you have any questions or need support!


Weekly Challenge #8: Science experiments
This week’s challenge is inspired almost entirely by seeing the exciting experiments that families have been inventing at home. From flying (or jumping) cars, to homemade parachutes, to mixing colours and in fact mixing lots of things(!), we have loved seeing the inventiveness of parents and children.

For under 5s, science fits within the ‘Understanding the World’ strand of the EYFS framework, and as the name suggests, the focus is on observing changes, experiencing the natural world and how things work, using all of their senses to explore, and trying things out, creating a sense of ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’ both in closely observing the world around them and in fun one-off spectacles! One of the best every day science activities you can do is to carry on cooking and baking together.

For under 2s, this exploration can again be found in heuristic play or treasure baskets, as well as messy play – this site has a lot of creative ideas! https://mericherry.com/2015/02/03/sensory-play-babies-toddlers/

For older children, sensory play and exploring different materials in an open-ended way can also develop into specific science experiments, and also putting knowledge of different materials into practice in play.

Can you conduct a science experiment?
You can choose one of my top 3 below, or see this page for lots more ideas: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/EarlyYrsCareers/science-activities-for-toddlers/

1) Milk and washing up liquid https://fun-science.org.uk/colour-changing-milk-experiment/

2) Exploding fizzy drinks (this one very good for social distancing but definitely only do this outdoors!) https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/original-mentos-diet-coke-geyser/

3) Plastic bag parachutes http://choices4children.blogspot.com/2015/08/plastic-bag-parachute.html (excellent for windy weather!)


Other links:
Another reminder that there are lots of excellent activity idea videos on Linden Children’s Centre facebook page updated every week – please watch and also ‘like’ the videos! https://www.facebook.com/Linden-Childrens-Centre-173465379363646/
Activity ideas for different ages from several London museums https://www.london.gov.uk/coronavirus/london-learning-at-home